A polecat; also its fur. [< OldFr. fissel, fissiaulx, fissau]

Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases. .


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  • fitchew — Foumart Fou mart , n. [OE. folmard, fulmard; AS. f[=u]l foul + mear[eth], meard, marten: cf. F. marte, martre. See {Foul}, a., and {Marten} the quadruped.] (Zo[ o]l.) The European polecat; called also {European ferret}, and {fitchew}. See… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Fitchew — Fitchet Fitch et, Fitchew Fitch ew, n. [Cf. OF. fisseau, fissel, OD. fisse, visse, vitsche, D. vies nasty, loathsome, E. fizz.] (Zo[ o]l.) The European polecat ({Putorius f[oe]tidus}). See {Polecat}. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Fitchew — Recorded in many spelling forms including Fitch, Fitchen, Fitcher, Fitchew, Fitchell, and Fitchett, this is an English surname but arguably of Norman French 11tyh century origins. It is occupational for a work man who used a fiche , loosely… …   Surnames reference

  • fitchew — tamsusis šeškas statusas T sritis zoologija | vardynas taksono rangas rūšis atitikmenys: lot. Mustela putorius angl. European polecat; fitchew; polecat vok. europäischer Iltis; europäischer Waldiltis; Iltis; Stinkmarder; Waldiltis rus. лесной… …   Žinduolių pavadinimų žodynas

  • fitchew — noun see fitch …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • fitchew — fitch·ew (fĭchʹo͞o) also fitch·et ( ĭt) n. Archaic The Old World polecat or its fur.   [Middle English ficheux, possibly from Walloon ficheau, diminutive of Middle Dutch vitsche, visse.] * * * …   Universalium

  • fitchew — n. dark brown mustelid, polecat …   English contemporary dictionary

  • fitchew — [ fɪtʃu:] noun archaic term for polecat. Origin ME: from OFr. ficheau, fissel, dimin. related to MDu. visse (see fitch) …   English new terms dictionary

  • fitchew — n. Fitchet, fitch, fitchee, fitchele fitchuk, pole cat, foumart (Mustela putorius) …   New dictionary of synonyms

  • fitchew — fitch·ew …   English syllables

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